Church school

Christian Education is a Priority

Because knowledge and understanding of God's Word is so vital and important to the development of every believer, we make a concerted effort to provide every person with a complete understanding of God's Word and how to use it in their lives. Specialized training on the duties and responsibilities of Christians begin with New Member's Orientation for new converts and continue through Bible studies, workshops, and training sessions.

The Vision

Help students deepen their spiritual awareness and well as provide the foundation for understanding the scriptures.  We are teaching ministry of the church.  We will continue meeting the needs of our congregation by providing an appropriate curriculum, adding new class as the need arises, providing more teacher training.  This will help to assure that the church school is making disciples for Christ.

Discipleship is the Goal

Serving Christ in this present age is no cookie! Evil and unrighteousness is all around us but we believe that Christ has directed us, to develop disciples for Him. Disciples are learning followers who seek to mimic and emulate the example of Christ. With God’s help, we try to help persons grow through surrendering to God’s will while working for and with others to help them meet their non-spiritual needs while helping them come to know Jesus Christ intimately.

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Stanley Pugh

Interim Ministry Leader

Church School

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Our Mission 

Our mission is to bring people to God and transform them, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, into fully developing followers of Christ by

  • Exalting the Savior through our worship

  • Evangelizing the Sinner through our witnessing

  • Edifying the Servant through fellowshipping with each other

  • Equipping the Saints  through study and discipleship, and

  • Endowing the Society through meeting people's needs.

Cherry Hill Missionary Baptist Church 

T: 843.248.4900


504 Church Street 

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Join Us for Worship

Church School: 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 AM
Children's Church: 11:30 AM


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