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Church School Links 

The Church School of Cherry Hill MBC has several classes to meet your individual spiritual needs. Listed below are links to access Church School via Google Hangouts, or feel free to dial in and listen to our instructors. Church School meets every Sunday, beginning at 8:30 am. Please click on the class choice below to attend, except for Senior Class One; it's dial-in only. 

Senior Adults Class One

-Dial In ONLY

(US) +1 260-502-5387 (PIN: 666012422)

Senior Adults Class Two 

(US) +1 260-502-5387 (PIN: 666012422

Singles Class 

(US) +1 470-729-1621 (PIN: 526417770)

Young Adults 

(US) +1 317-934-0163 (PIN: 497972333)

Married Adults 

(US) +1 470-228-6489 (PIN: 964435295)

Couples Class 

(US) +1 417-730-9416 (PIN: 463500217)

Church School Testimonies 


Kendall Brown 

I love attending Church School for two significant reasons. First, the study allows me to look over and dive into issues I deal with daily and the biblical teachings on how to handle those issues. Secondly, I love church school because I can share my struggles and triumphs with like-minded young Christian adults.
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