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Piano Keys
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We're Hiring 

Job Purpose: To provide instrumental music (organ, piano, keyboard, etc.) support for worship in the church. 

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Job Duties:

Play instrument(s) for worship services, weddings, funerals, special services, including

Holy Week, Revival, and Christmas and Easter.


  • Provide musical accompaniment for weekly rehearsals, as needed.

  • Coordinate rehearsals, performances, etc. with Music Staff for Church Services.

  • Be relational with the congregation by being available after services and at

  • practices.

  • Assist with special church services (funerals, weddings, etc.), when needed.

  • Provide coordination of the use of music, instruments, and facilities.

  • Call routine staff meetings to keep everyone abreast of needs or changes.

  • Develop and maintain cooperation with the pastor and staff, and evaluation

  • committee in designing worship and music choices.

  • Provide updates and reports on the sufficiency, condition, and maintenance of

  • instruments, as needed.

  • Provide music that is in keeping with the mission and vision of Cherry Hill Baptist Church.

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